Jonanjima Seaside Park

Jonanjima Seaside parkJonanjima Seaside Park is a seaside park located at the end of Jonajima Ota-ku, Tokyo. Not only can you go camping and barbeque, we also have boardwalks accessible to wheelchairs as well, a beach where you can stroll on and play with sand, and a skateboard plaza, so that the park that can be enjoyed by everyone. You can also see from up close large ships docking in and out of the port of Tokyo, and airplanes take off and land in Haneda airport.

Off-days of the park management offices

Every Wednesday, and the year end and New years (December 29th~January 3rd), will be a holiday.
In addition, if the Wednesday happens to be a public holiday, the following day will also be a holiday.
Additionally, the spring break (March 26th~April 5th) and summer break (July 21st~August 31st) are seven day weeks (no rest days).
The emergency contact during the holidays (December 31st and January 1st, except the first Tuesday of December) will be the Oi Pier central Seaside park management offices (03-3790-2378, from 9:00~16:30)
Location 4-2-2, Jonanjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 140-0003, Japan
Opening date July 6th 1991
Opening of the park area 190,385.45m2(inland waters 75,610m2
  • Campground no.1
    7,000m2 20site
  • Campground no.2
    2,000m2 18site
  • Auto campground
    6,500m2 22site
  • Tsubasa Dog Run
  • Tsubasa Beach
  • Parking area

Park guide map

guide map

Contact us for reservations of facilities・Off-days

Tokyo-to Ota-ku Jonanjima 4-2-2
Jonanjima seaside park management offices
Operating hours of hotline receptions 9:00~16:30


Contact via email

To avoid spam email, an @ sign will be used to indicate.
When contacting us via email, please ensure the @ is written in half width.
We will not be accepting any queries regarding capsite reservations and availability via email.
Please contact us through the hotline receptions only during the operating hours. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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