Frequently asked questions

About the campsite

Is it necessary to make reservations for campsite rental gear/commodities?

You do not need to make reservations for firrwood, iron plates, charoal, and nets.

I would like to go camping with my dog, but do the premises allow for dogs?

This capsite does not allow pets such as dogs and cats. They are also not allowed to be chained up to the campsite fences.
As we cannot ascertain the number of people who are to use the campsites, there may be users who dislike pets or have health issues concerning pets, and safety measures to consider.
For users who have pets and are bringing their own barbeque stove, please use the Oi Pier seaside park in Nagisa forest. The kitchen equipment for the barbeque area are not the most substantial, but the area is nice.

Can the auto-camps be used by groups?

As the area is reserved for family uses, please refrain from reserving the camps for only a few friends. Please make your group reservations to the general campsites (1st/2nd campsite).

Will we be able to find out the available spaces in the campsite when we make reservations?

We publish all information on the availability of spots in ball fields no. 1 and no. 2, and auto campsites. As the information details the situation at the time of publication, availability may be subject to change at a later time.

Do cancellation fees apply if we were to cancel our campsite reservations?

We do not accept cancellation fees, but please absolutely refrain from cancelling without permission.
We do not mind if you decide to cancel reservations due to weather changes or other obligations, but we ask you to please contact us via telephone to notify us.

Are we able to make camp reservations on the day of our intended stay?

If there are empty spaces on the day, reservations can be made. Please make sure you contact us at Jonanjima seaside park management offices (03-3799-6402) vefore you visit the park.

About the park facilities

Are there any restaurants?

There are no restaurants. The park management office shop (Jonanjima Outdoor centre) sells snacks and refreshments.

Is it possible to fish within ther park?

The only area that allows for fishing is the Odaiba side of ‘Minato square’. Tsubasa beach (sandy beach) and other areas have a fishing ban.

Are there any bicycle parking lots?

There are no parking lots for bicycles available.
When travelling in the park, please be wary of pedestrians. Also, if you are to park your bicycle within the park, we ask you to choose areas within your sight.

Are there any smoking areas?

There are no such areas available. Please take cigarette butts home with you in portable ashtray.
Please refrain from disposing cigarette butts and walking while smoking on the pemises of the park.

About other uses

I would like to film inside the park, but would there be a procedure?

For filming that required paperwork, please enquire the Jonanjimakaihin Park for a filming application.

I would like to come use the park for an excursion, but would an application be necessary?

Please contact the Park management offices for any group uses of the grounds. You will need to reserve a parking area if you wish to travel by a company bus. Please contact the Tokyo Port Terminal at TEL:03-3599-7461 (Only on weekdays from 9:00~17:00)

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