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Information on the reservation of sports facilities

I’d like to reserve a tennis court and baseball field, do you, such as pre-registration that is necessary?

Reservation of tennis courts and a baseball field, we have a reception through the Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Facilities reservation management system. This system is in advance, only those who have a user registration in the park management office, such as Oi sports center will be available. User registration is possible as long as those of more than junior high school students. After the identification, such as driver’s license of bring your own, please come up to be sure other person is Oi sports center reception desk. Proxy application is not accepted. Acceptance of the user registration time is 9:00 to 17:00 (every month 27 days 9:00 to 12:00) is.

Reservation of the flow of the tennis courts and a baseball field?

After the user registration, lottery of application, lottery, check the lottery results, and we will proceed with the determination of the reservation. Specifically, the period of each month from 1 to 10 days “following month’s lottery application”, every month 12 days “lottery date”, confirm the reservation by the monthly 14 to 20 days is “confirmation of the lottery result” and “winners It will be the period of “. Reservation of free facilities, we have to accept up to 2 days prior to the monthly 22 days to use day.

What are the usage times and fees?

Usage times and fees will vary according to the seasons. Please refer to the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Facilities Reservation Center for more information.

When and where do we pay the usage fees?

Usage times and fees will vary according to the seasons. Please refer to the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Facilities Reservation Center for more information.

Is it possible to make reservations on the day?

If there are free spaces available on the day of your reservation, it is possible. To make your reservations, please call the Oi Sports Centre (Tel: 03-3790-2378), or make them directly at our reception desk.

Please inform us about the early-morning reservations of the tennis, baseball, and ball game field.

Early morning tennis (7:00~9:00) and early morning baseball, is not exclusive to summer, and is available all throughout the year. Additionally, the ball field no. 1 (7:00~9:00) has likewise been made available throughout the year, so we invite you to use our facilities. Though we usually expect the payment fee in advance, it is a deferred payment only for early morning use of the grounds.

We would like to use the ball fields no. 1 and no. 2, but does this require any prior registrations?

Use of the ball fields requires prior registration as it is becoming organised into a registration system. For group registrations, in the application you will need to submit (1) The group registration application form, and (2) Identification for all group members (e.g. driver’s license, insurance card, resident card). Also, please note that certain conditions must be met, such as registering the correct number of people, and not holding two or more positions concurrently, without which bans may be inflicted. For further details, see the pages ‘Ball field no. 1’ and ‘Ball field no. 2’ in the pdf files ‘Information on usages’ and ‘Group registration application forms’; or contact us directly at the Oi Sports centre (Tel: 03-3790-2378).
Please refer to the pdf below for information on ‘Group registration application forms’ and ‘Usage of facilities’

球技場利用案内Information on the usage of playing fields (kyugijo_riyou.pdf/129KB)

Information on the usage of playing fields団体登録申請書(dantai_toroku.pdf/72KB)

I would like to use ball fields no. 1 and no. 2, but please tell me how I can apply.

Three months prior to your intended days of use on the 15th (there are no changes to the days of the week regardless of holidays and the weekends). From 10 am there will be a lottery by each organisations representatives at Oi sports centre 2nd floor conference room to decide when to use the place. The reception is at 9:30-10:00 strictly and there is only 1 lottery ticket for each organisation. On the day please bring your group registration certificate. After the lottery, the reservation for the facility can be made by phone call or directly at the reception counter.

We would like to make reservations for the tennis court as a group, but can the courts be made to be next to each other?

We apologise, but we cannot guarantee designated courts to be together. However, if you make your reservations after 13:00 a day before your intended use, we will try to adjust the designation of tennis courts as much as possible in accordance with your reservations. Even so, please note that we cannot guarantee this.

Can we cancel reservations for tennis?

There are three ways in which you can cancel your tennis reservations; as a general rule you will be directed through the Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Facilities reservation management system: (1) Automatic telephone guidance (03-3371-5489), (2) Via the Internet (, (3) User terminals of the park, open 8 days prior and by 24:00 the initial date of reservation. Any last-minute cancellations or a no -show will subject you to the Tokyo Metropolitan Sports facilities reservation management system ‘penalty’, so we ask that you make undertake cancellation procedures as soon as possible, should you decide to.
* It should be noted that if you do not contact us even after 45 minuters have passed from your intended start time, we will regard this as a cancellation of your reservations and lend the facilities to others.

On the usage of the park

We would like to barbeque, but where can we do this?

There are no barbeque-designated area in the Sports forest. The barbeque-designated areas in the Tokyo Konan area Marine park are the goby fishing area in Nagisa forest, the natural pond and gently sloping lawns on the south side of ‘Minato hills pier park’, neighbouring the square underpass of ‘East sea pier park’, and the northern end of the open lawn space of ‘Keihinjima Tsubasa park’. It should be noted that the ‘Jonajima Kaihin park’ is paid, but the barbeque area (day camp facility) is complete with stoves and a washing area.

Are we permitted to allow our dogs to play within the park?

There are dog runs in the sports forest, so please use these facilities for your inquiry. Dogs are prohibited from running off-leash in areas without dog runs.

We would like to use the park on an excursion, but is an application necessary?

An application is required. Please contact the Park management offices for any group uses of the grounds. The in-park facilities are also available for such uses, if necessary. In addition, depending on the seasons, there are large tour buses available for use. Please contact the offices of Tokyo Port Terminal at 080-8496-8777 in advance for these services.

Are there any computers of projectors in the conference rooms of the Oi ports centre club house?

Unfortunately, there are no such services available.

Are there any changing rooms in the Oi Sports centre club house?

There are. The sports facilities are freely available to everyone. Shower rooms are also available.

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