Oi Central Seaside Park Nagisa Forest

Oi Central Seaside Park Nagisa Forest
The Oi pier of the central beach Nagisa forest park is opposite the Sports forest, close to the water’s edge of the Keihin canal, where you can go fishing.
Location 4-2-2, Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0003, Japan
Opening date April 1st 1978
Opening of the park area 454,271m2 (sports forest、nagisa forest total、inland waters 50,273.75m2
  • Management for the Nagisa forest
  • Wild birdwatching hut, observation wall
  • Yuyake Beach
  • Hazetsuki Beach Shioji Beach Midori Beach
Off days December 29th ~ January 3rd (Nagisa forest management)

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