Oi Central Seaside Park Sports Forest

Oi Central Seaside Park Sports Forest

Oi Hockey Stadium


Oi central Seaside Park Sports forest is Tokyo’s leading scale sports park, with three certified athletic fields, and six baseball fields, artificial turf ground and tennis courts. You can also enjoy the sakura viewing square with a dog run where you can bring your pets to play and watch the flowers. It is easily accessible from the city centre.
Paid parking has 290 available spots, allowing you to come via car.

Location 4-1-19, Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0003, Japan
Opening date April 1st 1978
Opening of the park area 454,271m2(sports forest、nagisa forest total、inland waters 50,273.75m2
  • Track and field facilities:
    1 lap at 400m, 8 courses of certified athletic fields. With locker rooms and a photo finish camera.
  • Ball field no. 1:
    70mx130m of clay ground. There are locker room facilities.
  • Ball field no. 2:
    The artificial turf ground have stands (seats). Equipped with locker rooms, broadcasting equipment, electronic display devices, and night lighting equipment.
  • Baseball fields:
    6 grounds (4 with internal night lighting)
  • Tennis courts:
    12 hard court grounds (6 with night lighting), 2 sand-filled artificial grass courts (with night lighting).
  • Gateball courts:
    Two grounds. With toilets and a resting area.
  • Dog Run
  • Seseragi Forest
  • Sakura Field
  • Kusunoki field
  • Parking area no.1 (190 cars) Parking area no.2 (100 cars)
    JPY200 for 1 hour (+JPY100 after every 30 minutes passed). The second parking lot is only available during weekends and holidays./li>
Closing date December 31st or January 1st

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4-1-19, Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0003, Japan
Oi pier central seaside park
Oi sports centre
Operating hours:8:30~20:00

Application form for use of facilities by a groupApplication form for use of facilities by a group(dantai_app1208.pdf/102KB)

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